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Mr. Wonderful Slow Collectio 32gb Usb Memory

32gb Slow Collection Usb Memory - Lazy
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The photos of your last trip, your end-of-year project, those movies that you always say you have to see and in the end you never find a while.All that and much more can be found on this USB memory stick in the shape of a sloth, with capacity for 32GB , from the Slow Collection.

And it is that life is full of good moments and, so that no one overlooks or forgets us, it is always good to have a pendrive with a large capacity like this to have everything important well stored and always at hand. Put laziness aside and get one!
- Measurements: 3.4 x 4.4 x 3.2 cm

- Care:
- Do not wet
- Protect from humidity and high temperatures.
- Do not expose for a long time to the sun to prevent the colors from losing intensity.
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