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Fellowes Mouse Wrist Rest M.foam Silver

Wrist Rest Mouse M.foam Silver
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" FELLOWES Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest

Floor mats with wrist rests made of soft foam that provide exceptional comfort.
The Memory Foam wrist rests are characterized by their perfect adaptability to the contour of the wrist, without losing shape. This allows you to keep your hands in a more relaxed position while operating the mouse.

Fellowes wrist rests are soft and flexible, conforming to the wrist and redistributing painful pressure points for better support and comfort even after hours of computer work. Make sure your wrists are in a neutral position. Provide additional support whenever possible to avoid pressure on them when using the mouse.


-Fix the proper hand position while typing or moving the mouse.
-The non-slip base keeps the wrist rest always in position.
-Conserves body heat for better circulation.
-Foam wrist rest (foam) that adapts to the weight and temperature of your hand without ever losing its shape.
-Its foam material (foam) gives your wrists exceptional comfort.
-Redistributes pressure points for greater comfort.
-Compatible with all mice on the market thanks to its superior quality surface.
-Silver colour."
Product Color: Black, Silver
Surface coloring: Monotonous
Material: Memory Foam, Plastic
Wrist rest: Yes

Width: 196 mm
Depth: 20mm
Thickness: 23 cm
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