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Thrustmaster Joystick Add On Hotas Magnetic Base ()

Joystick Add On Hotas Magnetic Base ()
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Freestanding base for use with Thrustmaster removable add-on levers.

- Detachable metal plate for desktop or cabin use.
- Super stable heavy base (weighs more than 2 kg without installed flight stick lever).

Expanded compatibility in games

- Compatible with all flight simulation games.

Compatible on PC with the following Thrustmaster add-on levers

- HOTAS Cougar
- HOTAS Warthog
- F-16C Viper
- F / A-18C Hornet

Incorporates HEART Hall Effect AccuRate Technology

- 3D magnetic sensors (Hall Effect): surgical precision that does not diminish over time.
- 16-bit resolution (65,536 x 65,536 values).
- System that incorporates 5 helical springs: firm, linear and fluid tension, without dead zones.

Compatible with TARGET advanced programming software (

- Create game profiles for a fully customizable flight experience
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